Build Your Brand, Build Your Business

Individual Courses
$297 each

Below are the four courses in the Build Your Brand, Build Your Business course series. They can be taken in whatever order you'd like, although we would recommend you take them in order if you're new to the branding process. If you'd like to take all of them, we offer a bundle: all 4 for $999.

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Course 1: The Brand Foundation

What made you want to start your business? More importantly, what's kept you wanting to run your business? One part of that reason is your Core Values, which should (if they're not already) be at the heart of your business. For this class, we'll discuss how your core values influence your brand and how to lay a strong foundation that your brand and business will use for years to come.

Course 2: Your Preferred Clients

How do you reach them? How do you serve them? I'll help you develop a preferred client profile and teach you how to use it effectively to attract those you're meant to serve. You'll develop an interview process that can help you talk to, better serve, and grow your outreach to your preferred client. Finally, we'll talk about the business systems that can turn your customers into Raving Fans for your business.

Course 3: Position Yourself in Your Market

Who is your competition? How will you stand out? In this course, you'll learn how to leverage your unique position in your market and how your brand is the foundation of your marketing. You'll develop the systems you need to share your business consistently and effectively.

Course 4: Your Brand Actions

How do you consistently meet the needs of your clients? How do you fulfill your brand promise? In this course, we'll look at your Brand Promise for how it operates in your business. We'll evaluate (and build) your business systems so that they play to your strengths and align with your purpose. Then you'll learn how to measure your systems overtime to determine if they are effective.

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