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Photography is a life path I never anticipated. I have been a teacher for 20+ years with a Masters Degree in Learning. But when I picked up a camera, I fell in love. I began taking classes from many amazing professionals to learn the craft. It seemed like a fun side business. But passion tends to take over your life, don’t you think?

When I began photographing business people, I realized how much I loved connecting with people and telling their stories with images. So I learned everything I could about branding itself and even went back to school and earned a Brand Management Certificate from Cornell University.

As a Brand Manager, I found I needed a way to help business people determine what to work on first. Building a business can be overwhelming when you don't know where to focus. To do that, I became a certified Fix This Next advisor, so be able to use proven tools as a guide for my clients.

Now I’m a brand manager, brand educator, and business photographer. It is a pleasure to help business owners lay a strong foundation for their unique brand and then build the systems they need to accomplish their brand’s promise. After that, creating images that tell their story on social media, websites, and brochures is just pure fun!

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